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Collaboration for the
Greater Good

In April 2021, global leaders in the luxury industry came together to establish the Aura Blockchain Consortium, a collaborative initiative aimed at advancing the adoption of blockchain solutions worldwide for the luxury industry. The consortium welcomes luxury brands from all corners of the globe, offering enhanced transparency, traceability, and utility to consumers.

Our mission
We Aura are a non-profit association of luxury brands investing in technologies useful to enhance the customer experience and build a virtuous future for luxury. We strive to make blockchain solutions and related technologies easy and available to all luxury brands irrespective of their size. We strive to create standards and provide tools to create transparency and trust for all customers and stakeholders.
Our vision
Our guiding principle is believing that collaboration can coexist with competition for a greater good. Our community of brands and customers value trust, sustainability, authenticity, innovation, and shared decision-making.  We are inclusive and we welcome all brands that share our view, whether part of a Group or independent, whether big or small.
Our values
We are open to any luxury brand We can help any relevant player in the luxury sector of whatever industry across the world defining itself through uniqueness, brand recognition, highest market positioning and quality standards as well as any group, brand and ecosystem partner who share similar values. We value the product lifecycle We are committed to enhance the core savoir-faire level related to the product lifecycle: ethic, sustainability, authenticity, transparency, responsible sourcing. We embrace a culture of collaboration Collaborative spirit, trust, and innovation drive Aura organization.

Steering Members


A Consortium to Support the Vision

Aura Blockchain Consortium is a universal project, intended for the entire luxury industry, open to all market players. It relies on a well-designed, inclusive, and fair consortium structure reflecting holistically on the interests of Aura Blockchain Consortium and its members, be they part of a Group or independent, might they be big or small. The General Assembly is the voice of all members. A participative, non-controlling governance model for the business and the operational level is designed to achieve the vision of Aura Blockchain Consortium without weighing on organisational efficiency while preserving impartiality and a balance of influence.
Aura Blockchain Consortium offers a number of different options for membership, collaboration and participation in its governance on General Assembly level, through Board membership or in Committees. We also welcome non-member partners such as trade associations, industry standards bodies, governmental organisations, and/or financial/ technology/ infrastructure ecosystem partners, which may complement Aura Blockchain Consortium’s service offering and contribute to its future development.          

The Aura Blockchain Consortium Board

As a pledge to success, the Aura Blockchain Consortium board is currently composed of the following highly regarded representatives from our Steering Members, LVMH, OTB Group, Prada Group and Cartier, part of Richemont.



Lorenzo Bertelli

Prada Group
Head of Marketing & CSR

Board Member

Angela Au-Yeung

International Innovation Director
foto Cristiano Busetto

Board Member

Cristiano Busetto

OTB Group
Head of Blockchain and Off-Price Sales Manager
Eric De Rocquigny

Board Member

Eric de Rocquigny

Van Cleef & Arpels
Chief Operating Officer

Board Member

Charles-Henri Levaillant

Make Up For Ever
President and CEO
Alexandra Lupas

Board Member

Alexandra Lupas

Prada Group
Corporate Projects Director

Board Member

Stefano Rosso

OTB Group
Board Member

The Board will be further completed with other relevant representatives chosen by Aura Blockchain Consortium members up to its total
number of eleven (11) whereby each Aura Blockchain Consortium Founding Member shall then not have more than one (1) representative on the Board.

The General Assembly

The Code of Ethics
The Code of Conducts