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Aura SaaS

August 22, 2023
At Aura Blockchain Consortium, our mission is to secure and protect data while following the entire luxury product life cycle, enabling raw material traceability, supply chain transparency, direct-to-consumer engagement, and elevated services such as repair services. Our turnkey solutions offer member brands the ability to issue digital certificates that seamlessly integrate physical and digital elements. This seamless fusion of physical and digital elements ensures an unbreakable bond between the product, its digital representation and its longevity. Our blockchain-based SaaS streamlines member brands’ onboarding, enabling a customer-centric approach and digital innovation. Aura SaaS offers exceptional direct-to-consumer experiences with seamless upstream and downstream traceability in the supply chain. We recognize the paramount importance of data protection and security. Our private blockchain SaaS solution is a powerful tool which enables us to meticulously track every step of the product journey. With a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism, our network nodes validate transactions amongst our member brands, ensuring trust and integrity. This dedicated blockchain layer acts as a stronghold for safeguarding data. Our private blockchain is a distributed ledger system designed exclusively for authorized participants within our consortium. It is derived from Ethereum and leverages the Ethereum codebase standard to meticulously track products, preserving their authenticity and origin. The product life cycle is managed seamlessly through smart contracts, providing a robust framework for authenticity, transparency, and countering challenges such as counterfeiting. Our intuitive dashboard and comprehensive API facilitate seamless integration into existing workflows. Our Smart Contract Generator industrializes the product life cycle, empowering brands in certifying authenticity and transparency. Our product page allows for a customizable experience that provides detailed information to end-users, including the product’s unique hash and complete traceability of the provenance token. As an initiative forged from within the luxury industry, our team of blockchain experts deeply understands the industry’s unique requirements for a successful digital transformation. We are ready to wholeheartedly support and collaborate with you throughout the entire experience. Explore some of our live use cases for more insight. (Prada, Margiela, Loro Piana, Dior) Thanks to our strategic partnerships with technology enablers and providers, we offer instant access to traceability and seamless integration through cutting-edge technologies like UHF, RFID and NFC. This standardization not only streamlines operations but also empowers our partner brands to accelerate their growth and success. In addition to our private blockchain offering, we extend our support to member brands looking to explore the public blockchain space through our innovative Multi-Token Minter solution.