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Multi-Token Minter

August 31, 2023

The Aura Multi-Token Minter (MTM) is revolutionizing the luxury world by empowering brands to mint tokens seamlessly across different blockchains, wallets, and utilities. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for both brands and clients while offering a comprehensive token ecosystem.

This solution enables brands to mint any token on the public blockchain easily and serves as a bridge between Web2 and Web3, offering flexible, scalable, and customizable building blocks for tokenization. It caters to diverse use cases, including NFTs, SBTs, and custom smart contracts.

Aura Consortium’s MTM places high importance on legal and compliance safety. We provide readily available terms and conditions and privacy policies. Our platform is designed to address AML regulations, and we offer a set of tools for securitization and member brand-specific wallet minting.

In addition to offering a trusted environment for member brands, we can manage the full customer journey for digital twins. We cover the entire customer roadmap, ensuring a seamless flow on public blockchains. Our Web2.5 and Web3 approach, depending on the brand’s use case, allows for widespread market adoption, enabling customers to visualize NFTs attached to products.

We work closely with our ecosystem partners to ensure a rich and comprehensive experience. We can set up a custodial wallet within the MTM solution and integrate the Aura smart contract generator, empowering brands to generate custom smart contracts.

The smart contract generator allows brands to choose their preferred blockchain, such as Ethereum, Polygon, or our private blockchain. They can mint multiple tokens, including NFTs and SBTs. The smart contract can hold a vast amount of rich content for the entire product lifecycle. Brands can input assets such as videos, images, and data into the smart contract using the MTM.

Aura Blockchain Consortium also has developed specialized smart contracts as a service. These smart contracts are thoughtfully designed and made exclusively available to our esteemed member brands, all of which have undergone meticulous audits by external experts to ensure the highest standards of security and reliability. We also offer the flexibility for member brands to request custom-designed smart contracts, tailoring them to their specific needs and preferences.

Brands have the option to mint tokens in their brand wallet or allow customers to directly mint to their own wallets. Additionally, brands can access data analytics to gain valuable insights into their tokenized assets.

As an initiative forged by luxury, our team of blockchain experts deeply understands the industry’s unique requirements for a successful digital transformation. We are ready to wholeheartedly support and collaborate with you throughout the entire experience. To learn more about how our Multi-Token Minter empowers brands to accelerate their digital transformation within the token economy, explore some of our live use cases from member brands Dior, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton.