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The Digital Product Passport: A New Era of Luxury Unveiled

November 10, 2023

What exactly is a Digital Product Passport (DPP)?

A Digital Product Passport serves as the vital link between physical products and their digital identity, offering essential information regarding their origin, history, and ownership. DPPs serve a multitude of purposes for luxury brands, from traceability, authenticity and ownership, diversifying revenue streams (e.g., E-warranty, Loyalty Programs, Lost & Stolen Goods Protection, NFT Gifting), to enriching CRM databases for direct customer communication, and delivering new and innovative customer experiences.

The Digital Product Passport can be a multi-faceted solution for luxury brands. Though they are most commonly considered in anticipation of the upcoming EU Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR) and its requirements for Digital Product Passport, they hold unrivalled potential for brand storytelling and with blockchain, providing the ultimate customer experience benefits. For consumers, DPPs can completely redefine the product relationship, providing immutable assurance of authentic ownership certification, and valuable information for sustainability, transparency and traceability.

Why Blockchain?

A Digital Product Passport on the blockchain can offer several advantages over cloud-based solutions, primarily due to the unique characteristics and capabilities of blockchain technology such as its immutability, which instils trust, and its transparency and decentralisation.

Why the Aura Blockchain?

Aura Blockchain Consortium’s unique capability of being able to offer both private and public blockchain solutions sets the Consortium apart in the market, elevating the luxury industry’s standards. Our solutions create a blueprint for widespread market adoption, enabling even more customers and brands to unlock the benefits of the Digital Product Passport.

Key DPP Principles:

  • Product-Specific Identification: The DPP provides a unique label for products, and when integrated with the blockchain, it ensures enhanced traceability, authentication, and efficiency in the supply chain ecosystem.
  • Decentralised Data Storage: The DPP relies on a decentralised approach for data storage. Made from luxury for luxury, Aura Blockchain Consortium offers unique private and public blockchain solutions to cater to brands’ specific requirements.
  • DPP Expertise at Every Level: We ensure seamlessly integrated DPP experience that encompasses the entire supply chain, facilitating both upstream and downstream track and trace capabilities.
  • Blockchain-Based: A DPP on the blockchain is particularly advantageous when the focus is on maintaining data integrity, trust, and transparency throughout the lifecycle of a product, especially where provenance and authenticity are paramount.


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