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Unlocking Luxury: How Aura Blockchain Consortium’s Digital Product Passport Transforms the Luxury Industry

November 16, 2023

Revolutionising Luxury with Aura Consortium’s Digital Product Passport (DPP)

At Aura Blockchain Consortium, a non-profit association of luxury brands developing blockchain technologies to enhance the customer experience, one of our primary goals is to provide a safe and secure environment for both luxury brands and customers, underpinned by a comprehensive network of ecosystem partners. The Aura Digital Product Passport helps us to further this objective, connecting physical products to their digital identity and empowering brands to seamlessly enhance a product’s traceability, authenticity and transparency throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our DPP is a powerful tool that can be used by luxury brands to build trust and loyalty with their customers, reduce counterfeiting, bring greater transparency to sustainability initiatives, and enhance the overall customer experience. There are several unique aspects to our solution and approach, which combine to deliver an unrivalled opportunity for our luxury member brands.

Blockchain Agnostic Solutions

Our solution uniquely offers both private and public blockchain options, tailored to the desired needs of the luxury brand. In Aura’s private permission-based blockchain, product IDs are kept on a controlled network, accessible only to authorized participants. While it enhances privacy and control, crucial for protecting product information for luxury brands, the absence of transiency differs from that offered by the public blockchain. However, our private blockchain does offer a safe and exclusive space for authorised participants within the consortium, safeguarding valuable data and preserving brand integrity.

In the public blockchain, product IDs are secured in a decentralized network, ensuring transparency. With open access, it is important to acknowledge the advantages of having access to diverse blockchains for brand benefits and seamless interaction with any digital wallet. Our public blockchain solutions unlock transformative opportunities, enabling brands to leverage the power of digital collectables, and more.

Our solutions create a blueprint for widespread market adoption, enabling even more customers and brands to unlock the benefits of the Digital Product Passport:

  • Authenticity
  • Full Product Lifecycle Traceability – both upstream and downstream
  • Transparency of Raw Material Origins
  • Claim and Transfer of Ownership
  • Maintenance Passport: With our embedded utilities, customers can benefit from a seamless experience, including e-warranty, insurance, repair assistance, and adding greater transparency to sustainability initiatives and other additional services brands might require.
  • Digital Twins


With the Aura Digital Product Passport, the future of luxury is here. We invite you to explore a world where authenticity, traceability, and innovation converge to offer the ultimate luxury experience for both brands and consumers. As the luxury industry undergoes transformative changes, Aura Blockchain Consortium stands at the forefront, ready to set the new standards and redefine the luxury landscape.

We are dedicated to preserving the essence of luxury while embracing innovation. The Aura Digital Product Passport will be the catalyst for a new era of luxury experiences.

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