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H. Moser & Cie. joins the Aura Blockchain Consortium and brings the blockchain traceability to an unrivaled experience for its customers

December 19, 2022
H Moser

The Aura Blockchain Consortium has great joy in welcoming luxury Swiss independent watchmaker H. Moser & Cie. as our newest member as they announce their exciting venture into the Web3 space.

By offering an all-embracing, immersive experience and using an approach that combines physical, digital and virtual dimensions, we are proud to collaborate with them as they introduce a cutting-edge, customer-focused solution.

Through a holistic ecosystem, including blockchain watch authentication, digital assets and its own dedicated communal metaverse space, H. Moser & Cie. and Aura Blockchain Consortium has developed a completely new definition of service with putting the consumer at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of the luxury experience.

Based on the development of an ecosystem structured through a dedicated app, the new Genesis model allows watch authentication through blockchain technology, provided by the Aura SaaS solution. This authentication and certification will eventually be introduced for all their watches via the warranty card that is included with each model giving the customer access to details they never had before.

For enhanced multi-level security and transparency, which includes an e-warranty service, these watches will be logged onto Aura SaaS, our permission-based blockchain solution where customers can use the H. Moser & Cie app to access the warranty details, such as the technology used and the warranty expiry date.

Exploring the different utilities created with this collaboration, and first of its kind, is that of the insurance service our SaaS solution unlocks. Aura Blockchain Consortium continues to develop an ecosystem which offers the complete solution for unprecedented transparency that will enhance the customer journey, such as providing full traceability on the watch’s insurance that has been embedded to the products in this collection.

A truly groundbreaking development, these watch owners can now access the details of their insurance, such as its expiry date, any previous claims and cover in case of theft etc., thus giving the consumer an unrivaled insurance service.