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Lalique Launches Digital Product Passports for their 2024 Millésime Collection

June 17, 2024

Aura Blockchain Consortium welcomes Lalique, the renowned French luxury brand celebrated for its exquisite crystal creations and timeless elegance, to our Consortium with their inaugural Digital Product Passport initiative.

Through our technology, each iconic piece in Lalique’s 2024 Millésime Collection is now accompanied by a Digital Product Passport, offering unparalleled trust and transparency with an immutable digital proof of authenticity. This safeguards each product’s ownership, mitigating counterfeit and theft.

For the first time, Lalique customers can engage through high-quality CGI animation, supported by Vivents, by downloading a digital twin of their product, bringing the exquisite craftsmanship to life. Enhanced storytelling elements such as videos showcasing the artisanal process offers an intimate view into the skill behind each creation. This seamless blend of luxury and digital sophistication fosters community and loyalty.

Moreover, the DPP integrates augmented reality, enabling pieces to enter new realms, deepening the connection between customers and their purchases. Each product’s digital twin functions as a non-fungible token (NFT), empowering owners to exhibit their Lalique pieces within digital realms.

Lalique beautifully exemplifies the transformative power of Digital Product Passports, pushing the boundaries of customer experience, unlocking new dimensions, and enabling customers to fully immerse themselves in the product journey.

Explore the future of luxury with Lalique’s innovative Digital Product Passports, redefining the customer experience and product journey. Available for the Bacchantes vase, Mossi vase, and Champs-Elysées bowl from July 2024.


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