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Loro Piana joins Aura Blockchain Consortium

March 29, 2023
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Loro Piana has always been about touching the exceptional in life and it is our delight to welcome them to Aura Blockchain Consortium as our newest member.   Powered by our Aura SaaS solution, Loro Piana has launched their first digital product certificate. Starting from the Gift of Kings® collection and planning to expand to other product lines, Loro Piana leveraged QR code technology to enable customers to verify the authenticity, traceability, and composition of each item, telling its unique and complete journey, from the farm to the store. To further enhance the durability and legacy-tracing approach, which stand as core values for the Maison, Loro Piana implemented our cutting-edge transfer of ownership feature, guaranteeing customers a secure and long-lasting item authentication process overtime. Along with this, Loro Piana is also unveiling some exclusive digital artwork on 20 limited edition garments. These NFTs have been created by London based artist Charlotte Taylor who reinterprets the journey of The Gift of Kings® as 3D sculptures that capture the quintessential quality of the world’s finest wool. These digital assets were created using our Aura NFT Gifting solution which provides all the tools and support necessary for our member brands to easily activate NFT campaigns for their customers, either after a physical purchase, after an experience, or as a new CRM strategy.