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One Year Anniversary

April 22, 2022
One Year Anniversary - AuraBlockchainConsortium

In April, we marked the one-year anniversary of the Aura Blockchain Consortium at La Samaritaine, in Paris. There, we hosted a panel discussion with the founding members: our Chairman, Lorenzo Bertelli representing Prada Group; our Vice-Chairman Franck Le Moal representing LVMH, board member Stefano Rosso representing OTB Group, and board member Angela Au-Yeung representing Cartier, part of Richemont. Our Secretary General, Daniela Ott, shared the amazing milestones Aura has achieved in its first year, such as OTB Group joining as our fourth founding member and the launch of Aura SaaS.

On this special occasion, we were also delighted to announce the launch of our new NFT solutions: Aura NFT Gifting and Aura NFT Whitelabel, which allows each member brand to easily gift an NFT, or to create their own NFT storefront. Added to this, we shared the exciting news that luxury jewelry and accessory brand, Chopard, has joined the Aura Blockchain Consortium.

Finally, we  introduced our Ecosystem partner Ledger. We are looking forward to working with the world’s most secure hardware wallet and platform for digital assets and Web3 Hardware wallet, Ledger, including Ledger Enterprise.

We look forward to an action packed second year of trust, sustainability, innovation, and collaboration!