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RIMOWA Elevates Luxury Travel Experience with Blockchain Integration 

April 25, 2024
RENOWA Aura Use Case
Today we introduce the latest innovation from our esteemed member brand, RIMOWA. In a move that epitomises luxury and innovation, RIMOWA has introduced their Ownership Certificates onto the blockchain, transforming their iconic suitcases into quintessential embodiments of trust and authenticity. Any RIMOWA suitcase purchased from January 1st, 2023 has been seamlessly equipped with an NFC chip discreetly integrated behind the telescopic handle. Through a simple scan of this chip, owners can access their Certificate of Ownership, secured on the Aura Blockchain. This mass scale initiative marks a significant milestone in luxury travel, as RIMOWA embraces blockchain technology to redefine the customer experience. By prioritising trust and authenticity, RIMOWA sets a new standard in luxury craftsmanship, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to excellence. We are immensely proud to support RIMOWA in this initiative towards shaping the future of luxury.
RENOWA Aura Use Case